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Dan Walter

President and CEO, Performensation


How long have you been a member of the NASPP?

Dan Walter: more than 15 years


How did you end up in stock compensation?

Dan Walter: Like most people in this industry I started as a massage therapist. My sister asked if I wanted to work at the small company she worked for. They provided something call "outsourcing" for "stock plans".  The rest is history.


What would you be if you didn’t work in stock compensation?

Dan Walter: I would either be teaching or a musician. When I am done in equity compensation, I will probably move to a role in education.


What was your college or university major?

Dan Walter: Music and Public Relations


What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working?

Dan Walter: Spend time with my wife and family


Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Dan Walter: Hawaii


What is the title of your favorite or most recently read book?

Dan Walter:  The Art of Possibility - Ben and Rosalynd Zander


Name one item you couldn’t do your job without:

Dan Walter: Coffee


How has being a member of the NASPP helped you?

Dan Walter: NASPP has opened doors and created friendships.  The NASPP has given me countless opportunities to learn and educate others. Over the years the NASPP has given my many tool essential in my growth as a professional.


How many NASPP conferences have you attended?

Dan Walter: 16