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Stephanie Prevost, CPA

Compensation Analyst, EnerNOC

How long have you been a member of the NASPP?

Stephanie: 1 Year

How did you end up working on stock compensation?

Stephanie: I worked on the accounting side of things when I was the Financial Reporting Manager in finance and then took over the administration side when I moved into Compensation in HR.

What would you be doing if you didn't work in stock compensation?

Stephanie: For a while when I was in public accounting, I was seriously considering going back to school to be an optometrist!

What was your college or university major?

Stephanie: Accounting

Name one item you couldn't do your job without:

Stephanie: Internet- I've found so many valuable educational tools on various websites

What are your favorite things to do when you aren't working?

Stephanie: Travel, Read, Try new restaurants

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Stephanie: So far Santorini and Costa Rica have been my favorite destinations

What's one thing your peers may be surprised to learn about you?

Stephanie: I have never eaten (and will never eat) ketchup.

What is your favorite NASPP resource?

Stephanie: Q&A Discussion Forum

How many NASPP conferences have you attended?

Stephanie: My first one will be this fall and I am looking forward to it!

You post or answer questions in the NASPP Discussion Forum:

Stephanie: Sometimes

How has being a member of the NASPP helped you?

Stephanie: I am the only person working on the stock plans at my company so I often have questions that my coworkers would not have the answers to, but I always find answers here! Sometimes as I browse around the site, I find answers to questions I didn't even know I had.