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Patricia Brown, CEP

Director, Product Management/Knowledge Marketing, Solium

How long have you been a member of the NASPP?

Patricia: A long time, I believe since the early 90's

How did you end up working on stock compensation?

Patricia: Like most in the industry, completely by accident. I was working at a local University and saw a posting from a former employee for a stock plan generalist. They were looking for someone with a generic skills set that matched mine perfectly. I was looking to make a change out of the world of academics into the corporate environment, so I took a chance by sending her my resume. I haven't regretted the decision at all over the years.

What would you be doing if you didn't work in stock compensation?

Patricia: I would probably still be in University administration.

What was your college or university major?

Patricia: Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources.

Name one item you couldn't do your job without:

Patricia: Patience

What are your favorite things to do when you aren't working?

Patricia: Spend Time with Family and Friends


Play Candy Crush! It's addicting

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Patricia: My backyard! Love to hang by the pool with family and friends

What is the title of your favorite or most recently read book?

Patricia: Anything by Stephen King. I'm a huge fan of his books.

What's one thing your peers may be surprised to learn about you?

Patricia: That I used to work as an Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor for a local University. I spent my first years out of college on the road recruiting for a local University. It was interesting but long hours and a lot of time in a car!

What PRESENT affiliations do you have with the NASPP (e.g. chapter board participation, etc.)?

Patricia: None

What PAST affiliations do you have with the NASPP (e.g. past chapter president, former treasurer, etc. - please specify the chapter as well as the role)?

Patricia: None

What is your favorite NASPP resource?

Patricia: NASPP Annual Conference

How many NASPP conferences have you attended?

Patricia: Too many to count! Love the conferences, it's a great way to network and keep your skills up to date.

You post or answer questions in the NASPP Discussion Forum:

Patricia: Sometimes

How has being a member of the NASPP helped you?

Patricia: I can't imagine doing my job without the resources the NASPP website offers.